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About Us

Two Girls From Carmel was founded in 1989 by childhood best friends Julianna and my aunt Bonnie, the original two girls from Carmel! Years later when Julianna moved out of state Bonnie bought her out and successfully ran the business for many years until unexpectedly she passed away at the beginning of 2020. At this point I stepped in to buy the company to keep it in the family while also preserving the legacy Bonnie created over many years doing business in this community. 


Since I bought the business it has been my goal to continue the business practices Bonnie utilized for many years while modernizing the systems in place. I am fortunate the majority of the team has been with the company for many years (some of them since the very early days with Julianna!) and it is my goal to keep them happy with us for many years to come. We are also blessed to have many loyal clients and we hope you will consider becoming part of our family!


Nikki Shirokow, Owner

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